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What Is Elder Law?

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This is definitely one of the top 5 questions I get from the public when I tell them what I do.

The easy answer is the specific legal issues of aging which include:

  • Estate planning,
  • Paying for long term care with some public benefit
  • Dealing with incapacity
  • Death and dying issues and processes
  • Helping provide for Special needs family members
  • Medicare issues
  • Senior Housing
  • Lots of other things.

Elder Law attorneys tend to be personable attorneys who lean away from the litigation mindset of most attorneys. People are surprised when they come to a meeting and I wear khakis and a pull-over rather than a suit. I feel that it helps the client feel at ease.

The typical qualification for elder law issues is simply being 65 years of age or older. That is an age limit set by Medicare and the VA as defining this group. There is definitely nothing we could call “the average elder”. This group is as diverse as is life itself.

The elder population has quite a bit of life behind them and they have seen others suffer from illness and then on top of that a lack of planning or bad planning that results in very expensive outcomes.

The elder population has fairly consistent questions about their future:

  • How can I get things to my heirs efficiently when I pass away?
  • Is the planning I have done so far sufficient?
  • What if I or my spouse becomes incapacitated or severely ill and needs long term care? How do I pay for it?
  • Will I lose everything if I go into a nursing home? I’ve known of people who have.
  • What benefits are out there to help me pay for care when I become chronically ill? Won’t Medicare pay for everything? (the answer is “no”)
  • Who will take care of me when I can no longer do it? Will it be left up to a judge? (the answer is “yes” if you don’t plan ahead with a good elder law attorney)

I’ve had those questions asked in just about every meeting I’ve had with clients (and that’s been ALOT of meetings).

My attempt with this website is to provide those answers. To put those answers in the proverbial “Box” for you to have easy access. That is why I named the site Elder Law in a Box.

If you are looking for an elder law attorney, I really recommend that you start with a Certified Elder Law Attorney. They have been vetted and have proven they know Elder Law and they dedicate the vast majority of their practice to helping seniors and their families. You can find them by clicking this link:

National Elder Law Foundation

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