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Looking for Resources for Elder Law, but you're not an Attorney?

We think we have what you are looking for in a great format for learning.

What is this course?

Todd has conducted probably 15,000 meetings over his 20+ years of experience.  He knows what the aging person and their family needs regarding aging issues and paying for care without loosing everything.

This is Todd’s “life work” put into a video series.  The links on this page will lead you to an online video course that will get you the information you need in a very easy form.  Once you start the course, you simply click the “next” button and the next video will start.  Todd takes you through the many issues of Elder Law and helps the senior and their family really understand the issues and possible solutions.  He teaches you how to find the right Elder Law attorney and how to spot when someone may not be looking out for your best interest.

This course is for a national audience.  Todd has worked with Elder Law attorneys across the US and he knows that laws affecting the elderly differ between states.  However, there are many things in common between the states and the advice given.

This course can literally save your entire estate in light of you needing long term care and upon your death.  No knowing what to do is expensive.  Not doing anything can be even more expensive.  Todd teaches you what you need to know but also what you need to do to have peace of mind and comfort.

You need this course!  I’m not sure how else to say it.  Pretty much every client that finally gets this work done and gets the information says that they will sleep better from now on knowing the important things are in place.  Also, even if you think you have done this correctly, you may be surprised to learn that it wasn’t done correctly.  After this course, you will know that and you will know who to see for it to be done correctly.

This course is not an advertisement for you to hire Todd as your attorney.  Todd is only licensed in Arkansas and Oklahoma.  If you  live in one of those states, you CAN come see Todd but that is not the goal.  This course is designed for a national audience and the purpose is to get you the information you need when you go see your own attorney.  And, yes, you should see an attorney for this and Todd explains why in the video.  You will see the importance of getting this done by an attorney and not just any attorney, but the right attorney.  Todd teaches you how to find the right attorney.

The course has been listed for $495 but we have reduced it to $245 for a limited time.  I know that may seem like alot.  However, you have access to it forever.  You can review it as many times as you want.  This course will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in attorney fees by having a really good idea of what you should be getting from the attorney, not just what they are selling.  This course can save all or a very large part of your entire estate when it comes to long term care expenses.  How much is that worth?  Also, there is a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.  So, you get it, watch it and you don’t think it’s worth it.  I’ll give your money back.  So, make the investment and get the course.  You will be glad you did and so will your family (they will probably be more happy than you that you finally are getting this done, I’m pretty sure).