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Elite Coaching


This is the highest most intense level of coaching.  Todd spends up to two hours a week with you on the phone, shares his entire education, form and slide library with you and comes to your office twice a year.  This is intense training.


This is the highest  and most intense level of coaching.  If you want a “of counsel” type of relationship where Todd is very involved in your practice, this is the level of coaching you need.  You get all of Todd’s educational material.  You get all of his slide decks, forms and templates.  You get 1-2 hours of phone calls every week as needed and Todd will come to your office twice a year for two half a days (or a full day) to work with you, staff or even do client meetings.

This is the most elite level.  You get all of Todd’s 20+ years of practice and experience to get into Elder Law and to take your practice to the next level.  The price is $3750/month with a 12 month commitment.  That’s one estate plan per month or half of the cheapest Medicaid application you should ever do (one fourth of a normal Medicaid application with planning).

Todd wants all levels of coaching to succeed.  However, at this level, he is very much invested with you and is driven to see you succeed and drastically increase your revenues during that one year period.  Call us if you have questions.  We would love to jump on a video call and see how we can help you take your practice to higher levels and help more people while loving your job.