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Premium Coaching


This level is for the attorney wanting to transition into Elder Law but wants someone by their side helping them every step.  It’s a moderate financial commitment but it’s very reasonable considering the fees and the help that can be provided.  If you want the education along with someone to ask questions or “run things by” to clarify the issues, this is the level of coaching for you.  Give us a call and discuss.


This is the most common level of coaching and fits within the budget of about any attorney serious about getting into and growing an Elder Law Practice.  This level of coaching has made a huge difference in a number of practices across the country.

At this level of coaching, you get the entire educational library, all of his forms and slide decks, and you get 2 1-hour one-on-one coaching calls per month.  (to be honest, depending on Todd’s schedule, it is usually more than 2 calls a month.  We want to help you as you need it)  You get Todd’s cell phone number that you can text him at any time and call as needed.

This level of coaching is designed for the attorney wanting to transition into Elder Law.  You get the full in-depth education needed to learn Medicaid, VA, Estate Planning for the senior client with an eye toward long term care planning, how to set up an elder law office, how to conduct the initial meeting to drastically increase the chance of getting hired (Todd will do meetings with you by phone or video if you want).  You not only get the training (that you can honestly get at many different places) but you get the one-on-one coaching calls to clarify the issues and apply them to real fact patterns.  There is no better way to learn than learning from a real case along side an Elder Law Attorney that has helped 10’s of thousands of clients.

This is a commitment at $1250 per month.  We ask for a one-year commitment but we don’t require it.  The program is designed to work best with the educational material coming in intervals throughout the year.  However, if you get into it and don’t think you are getting your money’s worth, we don’t want you to be locked in to paying money you don’t want to pay.  (few people drop out)

We would love to work with you to get you into Elder Law or drastically ramp up your new or struggling elder law firm.  Give us call to discuss how we can help and see if the Premium level of coaching is right for  you.