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Basic Coaching


Need just the educational component of our plan?  This is for you.  You get all the educational videos and the form and slide library.  We do require a one year commitment with this level since the price is drastically discounted.  You can schedule one-on-one coaching calls as needed for an additional fee.  Give  us a call to see how we can help.


This level of coaching is for the attorney that simply wants the educational component.  Here, you will get all of the training videos  but not the one-on-one phone calls.  You do get access to the forms and slide decks that Todd has developed.

This is very affordable at $350 per month with a one year commitment, since it is so discounted from the “ala cart”  option of purchasing individually.  At this level you will get a discount on Todd’s coaching phone calls which usually run $500/hour if you want just a phone call.  If you are a Basic Coaching participant, you can set up calls as needed with Todd at $375/hour to help you with content or specific client related issues.

This level is very affordable for the new attorney getting into the practice and will help you get the education you need to really start helping clients.  It also discounts the one-on-one time with Todd if needed.