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About Us

What is The Elder law coach?

The Elder Law Coach started as Elder Law in a Box and grew out of two things. One being Todd’s love to teach and second the continual complaint by new Elder Law Attorneys that there was no “follow through” on the training they were receiving from national courses.

Just like the old Reese’s commercial, those are two things that “go great together”. Todd has spoken continuously locally and frequently to national groups of attorneys to consistent praises to his ability to clarify complicated issues and communicate effectively.

Our hope with The Elder Law Coach is to help attorneys become proficient Elder Law Attorneys if they aren’t now and to grow your practice if you have been doing this a while.

Todd has been in practice for over 23 years now. He’s trained nearly a dozen attorneys personally to become Elder Law Attorneys and some of those are now Certified Elder Law Attorneys. Todd has built and sold 4 law practices over his career. He knows how to get you up and going and how to help you grow your practice.

With his very in-depth educational program then followed up with the One-on-One phone calls (Premium and Elite level of coaching), you will learn what you need and implement that education like never before to become a proficient elder law attorney.

Todd Whatley

Certified Elder Law Attorney

I wanted to take my 20+ years of experience as an Elder Law Attorney and over 15,000 meetings with clients and turn it into a format to help people become more informed. Pretty much every meeting I do with families, they say “Wow, I wish I would have known this earlier”. I’m now giving you the opportunity to “know this earlier”.

My goal is to also help attorneys who want to work with the elderly. I have created (actually it’s being created) a professional video series also for the non-Elder Law Attorney, the new Elder Law Attorney and the experienced Elder Law Attorney learn to love their career just like I did.+

What is Elder Law In a Box?


Todd is the owner and creator of Elder Law in a Box. His passion is to help attorneys become proficient Elder Law Attorneys. He still practices law with over 22 years of experience. He is Past President of the National Elder Law Foundation and would love to work with you and your team to grow your practice.


Trisha has been Todd’s Community relations person for more years that she cares to think about. Seriously, she has helped Todd grow his practice and she is an important part of Elder Law in a Box by working closely with the Coaching Clients to help solve problems and get what they need.


Sarah is Todd’s Daughter-in-Law. She works as Todd’s Case Manager in his office managing all of the active Medicaid cases. Here, she is the “behind the scenes” person uploading all of the educational events and managing the phone calls with Todd. She is a great source to many of our coaching client’s staff to help them in their office.


Sara is our Director of Education. Sara comes to us with a Nursing Home Administration background. Sara works with Todd on the radio show and on a podcast both of them titled Answers on Aging.