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We know you have questions. We have the Answers. That information is only one click away.
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To help attorneys become proficient Elder Law Attorneys if they aren’t now and to grow your practice if you have been doing this a while.
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Who We Are

The Elder Law Coach grew out of two things. One being Todd’s love to teach and second the continual complaint by new Elder Law Attorneys that there was no “follow through” on the training they were receiving from national courses.

Just like the old Reese’s commercial, those are two things that “go great together”. Todd has spoken continuously locally and frequently to national groups of attorneys to consistent praises to his ability to clarify complicated issues and communicate effectively.The E

Our Coaching Series

Elite Coaching

The highest level of support. Todd is very involved with you and your practice. Weekly coaching calls (at least) access to all educatiton available and Todd comes to your office twice a year for in person training, marketing or client meetings. It's up to you.

Premium Coaching

A year long educational program to teach you all aspects of Elder Law (Medicaid, VA, Estate planning, Marketing, Client meetings) and 2 one hour coaching calls per month.

Basic Coaching

Here, you get the year long educational component. Coaching calls can be scheduled as Todd's schedule allows and subject to "per call fees".

4 hour Coaching

Need just a quick start on a topic or problem? Need some documents or forms. Here you can buy 4 hours of Todd's time and 3 documents or slide decks that Todd has used for years. You do the 4 hours as quick or as slow as you want working within Todd's schedule.

View Upcoming Events

Todd stays busy with educational events.  More are coming and yoiu can join.  We will have some free events and we will have some that are paid events but well worth the money.  Click below to see what’s coming up.

Explore our Trainings

Todd LOVES to teach.  The one consistent  comment people tell Todd is that he has a great way of explaining complex topics.  Check out our list of trainings that Todd has created.  

Our ultimate goal is to help as many Seniors as possible

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We are a team, led by me: Todd Whatley. We offer information for those who want to get sought after information so you can have peace of mind. I have 20 years of experience as an Elder Law Attorney having done 15,000 meetings with clients and families.

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